Thursday, 19 March 2015

Writing A List In Calligraphy

Finding every opportunity to practising to write in a calligraphy style is a great way to keep your skill alive and refining your technique.  You can find lots of opportunities to do this, for example, when writing out notes, writing a shopping list, a menu, a task list, even doing a crossword puzzle or Arrow Words!  Anything that needs handwriting can be written in a calligraphy style.  You will find that your calligraphy will look better with time and it will become second nature and you may also find that you can write calligraphy faster than before.
In the example shown below, is an example of how you can use calligraphy in everyday situations, such as a simple shopping list. 

The YouTube clip shown illustrates how to write a short shopping list written in Gothic style, using black ink and a broad nibbed calligraphy pen.  Of course, if you are in a rush, then it is not practical to do this.  I used a Manuscript calligraphy pen and the nib size used was a 4B or 2.8, which is one of the broader sized nib.  You can write out a list of anything you like, such as a grocery list, things to do or other lists in general.

A collage of calligraphy writing
Keep Practising Calligraphy for a Professional Look

Writing gift cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, festive events and any other special occasional cards, are a great way to practice gorgeous handwriting.  Writing a letter for a special occasion, and writing on an envelope with beautiful styles is a lovely and creative personal touch for that someone special.  Writing calligraphy is very relaxing if you know how and writing a list is a great start in practising calligraphy styles but it is important to enjoy it too.

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