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Writing a Menu

Step by Step Writing a Menu

Step by Step Writing a Menu

Mapping out a menu is a great way to practice calligraphy and laying out your work.  It is a simple project that is productive and also fun to do.  You can use this technique for writing menus on chalkboard.

For this project, I wrote a menu by mapping out the menu layout first, using a faint pencil and a ruler.

1.               I mapped out my work using a hard nibbed pencil and a ruler.  I drew straight lines and marked out the centre of the paper by dividing the paper width measurement into two and drew a line in the centre of the paper.  I used a set square to ensure the measurements are straight and at a right angle.
2.               I mapped out the letterings by first of all by counting each letter and letter-spacing of each line.  I then divided the total number of letters / letter-spacings into two and worked out the letter or letter-spacing that is central.
3.               I write this central letter or letter-spacing on the central vertical line drawn on the paper, and then I carefully map out the other letters before and after this central letter to ensure the sentences are central to the paper.  I write the letters from the centre, outwards.   
4.               I mapped out all the letters carefully, using a faint pencil as guidelines before writing the letters with a calligraphy pen.
5.               In the example shown, I used black and red ink and a fine nibbed calligraphy pen
6.               I introduced some swirls, using a broader nibbed calligraphy pen
7.               I always remember to check the spelling!

Other Hints and Tips

Don’t forget to check your calligraphy pen nib size so the letterings are not too big or small, and fits comfortably onto the page.

Writing menus are a fun way of practising how to layout your work and practice centring the letterings.

How to Practise Writing Menus

You can make up your own menu design and practice writing the layout of your menu on some stiff card or fancy paper.  You can also introduce some swirls, patterns or even some Celtic knots to customise your menu.  You can draw some frames or margins to exemplify your work.  It is special to make your own home-made custom menus and you can give it that individual and unique touch.

Putting Color into Menus

Why not introduce some pastel shading, watercolors or color to your design with pencils, or even draw some illustrations of food to enhance your menu.

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