Monday, 2 March 2015

Mother's Day Cards

Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday has been celebrated for many years around the world, and the tradition originated from North America.  It is a celebration of motherhood and family bonds.  In the UK, Mother’s Day moves ever year, usually around the spring time.  Families traditionally invite families around for Mother’s Day and treat their mothers with gifts, days out, chocolates and cards.  In the US, Mothering Sunday is a national holiday and is a celebration of the importance of mothers.

In the UK, this day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent and the dates are not fixed.  Celebrating Mother’s Day came earlier than in the USA and England was the first country to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day cake is traditionally a Simnel Cake, which is an almond cake.

How to Write a Mother’s Day Card Using a Calligraphy Pen

Here is an example of how to write a Mother’s day card using a broad nibbed calligraphy pen, black ink and writing in Gothic style.  I used black ink cartridges and a Manuscript calligraphy pen.  The broad nib size used was a 4B or 2.8.  When writing on card, be careful to choose a card that is not too shiny or rough, as this will affect your calligraphy work.  Shiny card will make the ink smudge and run and rough surfaces will make your nib snag and will affect your calligraphy work.  Before writing your card, think of a short and simple poem or think about what you’d like to write in the card.  Draw some faint pencil lines with a ruler for guidelines before you write in your card.

YouTube Clip of How to Write in Calligraphy

This video clip gives an example of how to write out a Mother’s Day card using a Gothic style, but you can choose another style, such as Italic or Cursive.  You can draw patterns or swirls to set your work off nicely and introduce some colors to create some stunning designs.  You can also use fancy calligraphy writing for gift tags too.

Practice your writing on a scrap bit of paper before writing in the Mother’s Day card, and make sure your work is evenly spaced and pleasing to the eye.
You can use calligraphy writing for other gift cards too, such as Birthday cards, Valentines cards or Christmas cards too.  Calligraphy can be used in so many ways, is versatile and is fun to do.

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