Saturday, 28 February 2015

Happy Birthday

People all over the world celebrate the anniversary of their birth with gifts, cards, a birthday cake and a party with friends and family.
Notable birthdays and ‘coming of age’ is traditionally the 16th birthday, (sweet sixteen) celebrated in the US and Canada, 18th birthdays and 21st birthdays.

The Birthday Song

Around the mid nineteenth century, a kindergarten in Kentucky used the song ‘Good Morning to All’ and it was presented by Mildred and Patty Hill, who were sisters.  They later changed the lyrics to ‘Happy Birthday’.  This song is still commonly used today all over the world in different cultures.

How to Write Birthday Messages Using Gothic Calligraphy

Have you ever wanted to make your own personalised designs for gift cards, tags or labels?  Here, in this example is how to write ‘Happy Birthday’ in beautiful calligraphy handwriting.  Shown in this tutorial, is a way to write in beautiful writing for gift cards, banners and birthday cards to impress your family and friends. 

How Do I Write a Birthday Message in Beautiful Writing?

Shown in the YouTube clip, is a simple tutorial of how to write a message in calligraphy.   I have used black ink cartridges and a wide sized calligraphy pen.  The broad nib size used was a 4B or 2.8, and the pen was a Manuscript calligraphy pen
I introduced some simple swirly patterns to enhance the Gothic style calligraphy work. 
It is very easy and simple to make you work look impressive and it just takes a little practice.  You can create a template to use again and again, and it takes little time to design one.
You start by choosing which calligraphy writing you would like to use.  Then you map out your work carefully, using a pencil and ruler.  Once you have planned your work, you can start practising with your chosen style.  You can use some subtle color to offset the letters, introducing gold or pastel colors to enrich your work.

How Do I Write Beautiful Writing On A Birthday Cake?

The picture shown below, can be used as a template to write pipe letters, using buttercream, Royal Icing or melted chocolate on top of a birthday cake with the style used in this example.   You can use freestyle and your imagination to create your own cake decoration using calligraphy styles for your birthday cake.  It is best to use a pipe bag with a fine tip.  Practice on some grease proof paper before attempting to write on the birthday cake. 
Happy Birthday Message Written in Gothic Style

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