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Tudor Style Calligraphy

Calligraphy Fonts Tudor Style

Tudor Style Alphabet
Tudor style calligraphy letters are rather rounded, large and bold.  The ascenders and descender letters (tops and tails) are relatively short compared to the x height of the main body of the text height, and curled or acutely angled.  Uncials are large and rounded and the lower case letters are quite rounded too.  

Hints And Tips When Writing In Tudor Styles

In the case of Tudor style calligraphy, the letters are usually written with a broad calligraphy pen.  You will need to hold the calligraphy pen nib at about a 30-degree angle or slightly less rather than the usual 40 – 45 degree angle as with most calligraphy styles.

Any Tudor decoration or design such as the Tudor rose or flowers would complete the Tudor look, as shown in the illustrations.

You can get more ideas from the Watercolour Washes post.  Using colour and illustrations would look effective and authentic.

View the videos on this post and links on the right for more step-by-step guides for ideas on writing in Tudor style calligraphy.

The Tudor Rose Or Union Rose Brief History

The Tudor Rose is sometimes known as the Union Rose.  Henry Tudor VII won the crown from King Richard III in battle and this ended the Wars Of The Roses, which lasted from 1455 to 1487.  This was a bitter battle for the British throne between two members of the same family, which was the House of York and the House of Lancaster.  The War of the Roses began when barons resented the way the Lancaster family seized the throne in 1399.

The emblem for the House of York was the White Rose, and the House of Lancaster was the Red Rose.

The Battle Of Bosworth, on Bosworth Field, South of Market Bosworth, occurred on 22nd August 1485, was one of the most important battles in history.

View video clip below or video links on the right for more ideas:

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