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2 Pencil Technique Alphabet

How To Write Calligraphy Without A Calligraphy Pen

Crazy Calligraphy using the 2 pencil technique
You can write the calligraphy alphabet without using a calligraphy pen writing with a fine Rapidograph pen or a good quality black pen.  Another method is a technique using 2 pencils and a rubber band to create some large calligraphy writing styles, and we will be focusing this technique on this post.

You can choose any calligraphy writing style you wish, such as Gothic, Italic, Roman or any other alphabet styles.

Calligraphy Fonts In Watercolor
Writing letters using the 2 pencil technique

Using 2 pencils will create enlarged letter forms and you can use this to paint any color, pattern or illustration as desired to color in the letters with different effects. You can also experiment with watercolors, colored pencils or any other medium and washes to produce interesting illustrations.

As you can see, some letter forms shown below are produced using the 2-pencil technique, and the letters were colored in with pencils to create an effective printed style letter form.

Calligraphy Hints And Tips Basics

Image that the pencils tips represent each end of a calligraphy nib and hold it on a 40 to 45 degree angle and keep it steady as you write.  Use faint guidelines to keep the letter forms evenly sized and straight as you practice.  Write in a steady motion as you progress through the letters.  The 2-pencil technique is a great way to practice writing calligraphy, as it will show up any possible problems or flaws you may have with your writing, such as inconsistent angles when holding the pencils or mixed sized letter forms.

Calligraphy Writing Using Pencils

You can use a hard pencil such as an HB pencil, or for a softer and more pronounced, darker effect, you can use a softer pencil such as a 2B pencil.

Mixing different textured pencils can give some nice shadow effects with the letter forms.

See videos below and on the right link list about how to write calligraphy with the 2-pencil technique and pictures of the alphabet:

abcde writing with the 2 pencil technique

fghij writing with the 2 pencil technique

klmno writing with the 2 pencil technique

pqrst writing with the 2 pencil technique

uvwxyz writing with the 2 pencil technique

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