Saturday, 31 March 2012

2 Pencil Technique Basics

Writing Calligraphy Without A Calligraphy Pen

There is a simple technique that you can do to create some effective calligraphy writing without using a calligraphy pen at all.  Be careful, however, as a slight mistake will be unforgiving, so use a steady hand and practice.

Writing Calligraphy Using A Pencil

This technique is quite simple to do; all you need is a couple of freshly sharpened pencils and a rubber band.  You tie the pencils together firmly with the rubber band so they do not slip around, and then write with them carefully and steadily, using smooth textured paper.  You can use pens as well, or different colored pencils or felt tips for effect.

Layout paper is a good option as it is smooth and slightly see-through.  If you use a graph-gripping mat, you will be able to see the guidelines through the paper to guide you when you write with a calligraphy pen or with the 2 pencil technique.  You can buy different sized graph mats from any good art shops and they are relatively inexpensive.

Secure your layout paper firmly on a firm board with the graph mat below, using bulldog clips.  Write steadily using the 2 pencils gripped together.  See the tips of the pencils as each ends of a calligraphy nib and imagine holding this nib at the usual rule of 40 - 45 degree angle.  Keep this angle constant throughout.  

Once you have completed your work, you can color the words in or any shade or pattern effects.  You can use the 2 pencil technique with any calligraphy style of your choice.

View the video below and link list on the right about this simple 2 pencil techniques for step by step guides or ideas.

Simple Inexpensive Calligraphy Techniques

You can do simple effects with the 2-pencil technique; for example, introduce some colors and you can use some colored pencils or watercolor washes.  The options are endless.

This technique is quite simple to do and relatively inexpensive.
Once you have written with 2 pencils, you can see clearly areas of improvement and your strengths.

See my video below about a more elaborate technique with some color and introducing different calligraphy styles:

As you can see, introducing color is an effective way to make calligraphy look more interesting.

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