Sunday, 29 March 2015

How to Draw Celtic Knots project 2

For this project, I have drawn a simple Celticknot design, using some inexpensive art materials, some paper and a gold edging marker pen.

The Celtic Knot Shape

Celtic knots resemble interwoven ribbon designs, that go around forever and they can easily be incorporated into any calligraphy project or on a gift card.  Celtic knots are commonly used in tattoo designs and printed on fabric.

My Celtic Knot Project 2

I started this project by drawing a Celtic knot by freehand, using a hard nibbed 2H pencil and layout paper.  The materials I used were a black pen, some pencils for shading and a gold pen.

I first drew the outline of the Celtic knot in fine pencil, then I drew the outline with the black pen and then shaded the Celtic knot using a 2H and 2B pencil.  The 2B pencil was used for the darker shading.  You can use any medium for this project, such as charcoal or coloring pencils.  You can get watercolor pencils from any art shop, and they are great for setting off some color to your artwork.  You can dip the pencil in some water and apply the pencil to paper and this will give an appearance of watercolor paints. 

When mapping out the Celtic knot shape, be mindful that you keep the ‘ribbon’ width consistent throughout.

A Simple Celtic Knot Design

Celtic Knots and Calligraphy

Celtic knots are used for ornamentation, monuments and manuscripts and were used extensively in the 8th century Gospels and the Book of Kells.  There are an endless variety of Celtic knot designs and they can look like basket weave knots or ribbons.  Celtic knots can be used in all sorts of calligraphy projects and are a great way to introduce designs in any calligraphy work.

Celtic knots look complex and appealing but they are easy to draw and look great in any project, with introductions to color and shading to really set off your work.  They are like plaits on paper and have an interlaced looking structure.  They appear to have ropes crossing over each other, over and under, like ribbons, for ever.

I will be posting other Celtic knot designs so they can be introduced and used for other calligraphy projects.  Celtic knots are relaxing and fun to draw.
I love Celtic knots because they are quite simple to draw, but the look beautiful and sets off any artwork really well.  

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