Friday, 14 June 2013

What Are Celtic Knots Used For?

Historically, Celtic knots were used thousands of years ago and are associated with Paganism and folklore.  These ancient designs can be seen in ancient manuscripts, churches, Celtic jewellery, metal work, carvings, and cathedrals.  The early Celts used this beautiful design in their art and weaponry.

Modern Uses For Celtic Knots

Celtic knots are still commonly used today, for example in fashion and clothing, furnishing, cutlery, glasses, modern jewellery and many other uses.

Tattoos And Celtic Knots

File:Sasha Kopf's Celtic knot ring.jpg
A Celtic Knot Ring
Celtic knot designs are generally used in tattoo art and body piercings and have become very popular and fashionable.  Many tattoo artists offer a service where they design and print coloured tattoos onto a person’s skin so the design is permanent and lasting.  To many people, these designs hold personal and spiritual meaning.  The permanent coloured tattoo pigment may fade in time if the skin gets sunburnt so it is advisable to use a high factor sun cream for lasting results.  These tattoos are commonly used on a person’s arm, leg or back.

Many people may prefer to have a temporary tattoo.  These tattoos can easily be removed or washed off or if left alone will fade within a few days to a week. 

Other types of temporary tattoos are Henna art and tattoos produced by using a special ballpoint pen and ink.  Again, these can be washed off or allowed to fade in time.

Jewellery And Celtic knot Designs

Celtic jewellery designs are very popular for both men and women and are a great fashion accessory and can even be used for unisex jewellery.  The designs can be seen in gold, silver, and even interwoven into beaded jewels as ornamental knots.  Rings, bracelets, charms earrings, necklaces, trinkets are used to display various Celtic knot designs.  The most commonly used knot is the Celtic hearts, the trinity knot (Triquetra), the Dara knot, the Triskelion, the interactive knot, the Serpent knot and many more designs.

What Does Celtic Knots Mean?

File:Infinity symbol.svg
Mathematical Infinity Symbol
There are many meanings to these beautiful knots but a lot of knowledge has been lost in time, but basically, a single Celtic knot symbolises eternity and the universe and if you look closely at the knot, you will see that the path has no beginning or an end.  The mathematical symbol of eternity closely resembles the single Celtic knot.  People believed that these knots have a timeless and spiritual meaning.

With interwoven knots, where there are more than one strand involved, this symbolises connectivity and unity. 

Many believed that these mystical knots brought good luck, health, fortune and stability into their lives.  Other common meanings are power, strength, endurance and wisdom.

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