Sunday, 9 June 2013

Drawing A Single Celtic Knot

Celtic knots can appear intricate and very difficult to draw, but it is much easier than you think.  All it takes is some dots drawn on a piece of paper and drawing criss-cross patterns that weave around these dots!  You can practice how to draw Celtic knots anywhere, at work at break time or when you are in the mood for doodling at home.  It is quite relaxing and can be fun.

How Do I Draw A Single Celtic Knot?

Drawing a single Celtic knot is really easy, and is a great start before moving on to learning how to draw more intricate Celtic knot designs.  You start with drawing just 5 dots on a piece of paper.  You draw 4 dots that outline a square shape, and then a dot in the middle of this square.  These dots form a basic outline for drawing a single Celtic knot. 

Drawing the Celtic Knot

Once you have drawn these 5 dots, you can then introduce some straight lines that criss-cross around the drawn dots.  If you follow the YouTube video, shown on this article, you will see how this is done.

The next step is to draw curves around these lines to form the basic shape of a single Celtic knot. Again, the YouTube video shows how this is done.  You can follow the video to help you get an idea of how to draw these lines around the dots.   When you have completed your drawing, you have a choice to either block colour the single Celtic knot, or you may prefer to use shading to give an impression of woven ribbon.  In the example of the YouTube video I have demonstrated how to block colour the Celtic knot.

Filling in The Celtic Knot Design

Once you have drawn your Celtic knot, you can start to fill the knot in with either black ink or a colour of your choice.  In the example of the video, I have used black Biro and black felt-tip pens.  The Celtic knot is quite easy and quick to draw.

You can use this Celtic knot design for illustrations around you calligraphy artwork or you may prefer to use it as a repeating pattern or even when writing a greeting card or other special occasions to give it that extra special look.

Where Can I Find Celtic Knots?

Celtic Knots are found everywhere, in jewellery, Celtic knot rings, cathedrals, tattoos etc,  and there are many different types of Celtic knots, such as Celtic eternity knots, Celtic trinity knots, Celtic knot hearts, and many more.

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