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Calligraphy Art And Drawings

Calligraphy Drawings

Introducing patterns, swirls and special effects around calligraphy letters can really set off your calligraphy work.  This is especially true with Gothic styles.  During the Middle Ages, monks used to produce some very impressive calligraphy works by using bright colored inks, gold illustrations, vivid beautiful colors and fancy scripts and swirls.  Chinese calligraphy drawings are beautiful as well, and you may want to experiment with some of the shapes and swirls for inspiration.

Practice Drawing Swirls

Try experimenting with different styles and marks with your calligraphy pen, for example draw some illustrations or patterns around the letters.  You can use any pen or paintbrush you wish and you can experiment with different colors or try different mediums or colored inks to set off your work to make it look impressive.  A fine nibbed fountain pen can make some great outlines and detailed illustrations around the calligraphy writing.

Calligraphy Marks
Special Effects With Shadows

You can try the drop shadow effects.  Having a faint shadow below your letterforms can create a 3D effect.  Try any colour you wish.  This is a simple but effective technique.

Outlining Letters and Fonts

Another easy but effective technique is to outline your letterforms with another line.  Fill in the centre part of the letter with a color of your choice, but leave the gap between the letters and the line blank, and draw the outline with a fine nibbed fountain pen, rotring or rapidograph pen.

Experimenting With Serifs

Fancy Capital Letters
You can end serif forms with graceful and impressive curves and swirls to set off your calligraphy work and for it to look elegant and impressive.  This is especially true with upper case letterforms, which can look distinctive.  With the lower case letters, you can introduce distinguished looking serifs by ending the letters with sweeping, graceful and harmonious pen strokes.
Be careful, however, not to go over the top with too much fancy scrolls and swirls, because it is easy to drown out your letters with all the fancy work around it.  The letters must look prominent legible and readable. 

Artistic Ideas with Letters and Typefaces

Experimenting with fluid lines and colors is endless.  You can draw letters inside its inner spaces, allowing you to fill it in with color or textures by hand.  You can use different types of mediums, such as watercolor, gouache paint, which is similar to watercolor but has an opaque quality.  You can try oil painting, pencils, inks, charcoal, pastels even carving letters in stone and wood.  The list is endless.

Single Celtic Knot

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