Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Writing Upper Case Gothic Letters A - O

How To Write In Scripts - a Step by Step Guides To Writing Gothic Upper Case Styles

Here is a sample of videos demonstrating how to write in upper case Gothic Styles from the alphabet covering the letters from 'a' through to the letter 'o'
How To Write Gothic Upper case letters from 'a' to 'e'
How To Write Gothic Upper case letters from 'f' to 'j'
How To Write Gothic Upper case letters from 'k' to 'o'

You can pause the video tutorials and repeat to help you learn how to write calligraphy.

How To Practice Writing Gothic Calligraphy

If you follow the simple video tutorials shown above, of how to write Gothic upper case calligraphy letters from a, until letter o, you will find that it will get easier in time, and then you can progress to the other video tutorials in this blog.   You can practice drawing some simple curves and arches and then straight lines.  The Gothic alphabet is great for bold styles and you can experiment with shadows, colour and illuminated letters.

You can buy some great calligraphy sets from many good art and craft stores to start you off.  It is a good idea to invest in some good quality pens to devote in your hobby later on.  For beginners, buy the calligraphy felt tip pens that you can write with and then dispose of afterwards.   Once you are more comfortable and confident with writing calligraphy, you can buy the more advanced calligraphy sets, which uses ink cartridges.  Fountain pens are used for more advanced calligraphers.  They normally have a steel nibbed tip to the pen that is dipped in ink periodically.

Many manuscript calligraphy sets have a simple guide with calligraphy letters that you can study and copy to help you learn to write many styles.  Calligraphy is an ideal hobby for you to add your own personal touch in many ways, such as place cards, posters, certificates and manuscripts.


Use fluid and smooth movements on each stroke when writing.  Take your pen off the paper after each stroke.  A good idea could be to copy Gothic letters or use tracing paper.  You simply put the tracing or smooth layoutpaper over the letterforms and trace them with a calligraphy pen so you get the hang of the letters. 

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