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Writing Upper Case Gothic Letters P - Z

How To Write Upper case Gothic Letters from letters P to Z

How To Write In Scripts - a Step by Step Guides To Writing Gothic Upper Case Styles
Here is a sample of video tutorials demonstrating how to write calligraphy style in upper case Gothic Styles or black letter from the alphabet covering the letters from 'P' through to the letter 'Z'.

This is another video tutorial demonstrating how to write Gothic or black letter in Upper case letters from the letters 'P' through to the letter 'T'.

This video tutorial shows you how to write Gothic or Black Letter Upper case letters from the letter 'U' through to the letter 'Z'.
Black Letter, Gothic or Old English is a style of calligraphy that is characterized by very straight, bold and impressive letterforms.  

Calligraphy Equipment

The best equipment for learning how to write Gothic style calligraphy is a calligraphy pen with a relatively broad nibbed pen, some good quality black ink and smooth paper that does not allow the ink to smudge, run or bleed.  You can produce some great and creative work.

You can use a desk easel for a steady work surface and some drawn guidelines to write your work on.

At first, you will find that your letters will look shaky, amateurish and awkward, but with time and patience, your letters will look more pleasing to the eye and you will find it easier to write this style.  Eventually it will become second nature for you to write this style.  The trick is to take your time and get used to the calligraphy pen and to hold your pen nib at a constant 45-degree angle.  Experiment with broader widthnibs and get used to holding the pen until it becomes natural.  Beginners may prefer to try felt tip calligraphy pens.

You can make your calligraphy work look as ornate as you like, there is no strict rule when learning to write this style.

A Brief History Of Gothic Calligraphy

The History of Gothic Calligraphy started around the 8th or 9th Century.  During the 15th Century or the Middle Ages, monks used this calligraphy style to write scribes and religious scripts and texts.  The illuminations were beautiful and very intricate.  During this time period, paper was very expensive so letters were written as narrow as possible to fit in as much words as possible on one page.

The more ornate and complex letterforms appeared around the 17th Century.

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