Monday, 2 February 2015

Modern Style 1

There are many different styles of calligraphy and you can make up individual styles yourself.  This particular style does not have a name, but it is a very popular typeface and is very versatile.  The basic outlines of the letterforms are drawn first.  You can use a simple Biro, waterproof marker pens or a simple black felt tip pen.  You can also use any pattern style to fill inside the letters, such as squiggly lines, dots or any other patterns as desired.

Inventing a Style of your own

First of all, trace the outline shapes with faint pencil for guidelines, and use a ruler to ensure the lines are straight.  Carefully draw the outlines with a black pen, being very careful not to stray from the guidelines.  You can draw the outlines with a steady free hand if desired.  The letters can be drawn quite large for this particular style.

Introducing Patterns and Dots

For this modern style, you can use any design you like, such as squiggly lines, doodles or any other patterns drawn inside the letterforms. You can combine this with dots and introduce some color and other decorations as required.  This style can be used for producing posters, flyers and notices, where the letterings are large, eye catching and easy to read.

Many modern styles are based on the older fashioned styles, which are original calligraphy letterings, such as Roman, or Gothic.

In the picture shown in this post, for example, I have drawn straight lines, using thick black felt-tip pen to outline the letterforms and used a finer nibbed black pen to draw the patterns inside the letterforms.  As you can see, there is a combination of squiggly lines and dots for effect.  It is a simple design, but you can use any design you like.  Experiment with different combinations of patterns, lines and dots for artistic effects. 

A simple calligraphy style with patterns inside the letterforms
You can use color to make the letters stand out, or if desired, gold nibbed calligraphy pens or pastel colored pencils to make the letterforms appear shiny.

Using a traditional calligraphy style, such as Times New Roman or Black Letter, for example, and experimenting with these letterforms using a combination of different designs and colors can be a great way to invent a lettering style of your own.

I find that experimenting and combining traditional styles as a basic letter template is a great way to find a unique style of your own.

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