Monday, 4 November 2013

Rustic Calligraphy

Rustic letters is a form of the Roman style calligraphy and is quite an easy style to learn.  It is easy to read, not too elaborate and is used in many ways.  The style is commonly used to produce large posters and flyers, using a poster pen or a broad, flat calligraphy pen or brush.  The rustic styles can also be used for short, bold statements and notices.

What Does The Word ‘Rustic’ Mean

The word rustic means, of relating to rural or the countryside, things made in a simple and plain style.

Although the term ‘Rustic’ may seem to some people, basic or plain, it can also mean elegance.  The broad styles can be exploited, by using this style to explore with textures and decorative effects. 

The Calligraphy Pen Angle

It is always important to hold the calligraphy pen at a steady angle.  Most calligraphy styles require holding the calligraphy pen nib at about 30 to 45 degree angles.  However, with the rustic style, you will need to hold the calligraphy pen at an unusual angle, about 80 to 90 degrees.  This may feel a little odd at first, especially if you are used to holding the calligraphy pen at a steady angle of 45 degrees, but this technique is important if you want to practice writing in rustic styles.  You will notice that the upward strokes of the letters are quite thin, but they flare a little at the bottom.  You will need to practice with your calligraphy pen to get this desired effect.

Rustic Style Calligraphy
First of all, apply light pressure, with the pen held at a 90-degree angle, then as you draw the line at a downward stroke, gradually move the pen to about 10 degree angle, and apply a little more pressure.  This should give the flared effect at the base of the letters.

Experimenting With Different Widths For Great Effect

You can experiment with this technique and really go to town with it.  For example, why not try holding your calligraphy pen at different angles, from 10 to 90 degrees as you draw the stroke downwards to the base of the letter-form  tapering to a thin line or do this the other way round, from 90 degrees to 10 degrees.  You can create some great letterforms doing this.  Try doing some different angles for great effects.  Doing this would also help you practice with changing the angle of the calligraphy pen to get maximum effects.  This technique is key to writing Rustic calligraphy styles, starting with a thin line at the top of the letter-form  and ending with a broader line at the bottom of the letters.
Experimenting with different pen angles with one pen stroke
Horizontal strokes are usually written with the calligraphy pen held at a constant 40 to 45 degree angle.

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