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Halloween Calligraphy

Halloween Calligraphy

Halloween, 'All Hollows Evening' or All Hallows' Eve Festival is celebrated on the 31st October every year.  Halloween is thought to originate from Paganism, before Christianity.   However, there are Christian influences, a holy day of All Saints Day

Video of Halloween with Pumpkin Design

Many people love celebrating Halloween, by trick-or-treating or having parties, dressing up as a witch, a ghost or other scary themes.  Many people send Halloween cards during this time of year and writing in calligraphy is a great project to get you started.

You can create simple but effective Halloween Greeting Cards or drawings for Halloween.

The simple Halloween design shown above is a drawn outline of a pumpkin face, which is one of many of Halloween symbols. You can trace a faint outline of a Halloween symbol of your choice.  You can use many Halloween symbols, such as a witch's cat, a broomstick, a Jack o Lantern or a scary Castle or a Haunted House.  There are so many symbols that you can use and they are not too difficult to draw.  A black silhouette of a cat is a good idea if you are very good at drawing, or you can trace an outline of a picture if you prefer a simple design.

Celebrating Halloween

You can create simple Halloween Cards using a Gothic Calligraphy style, which is featured a lot within this blog.  

It is fun to create your own styles; you can experiment with different card and colored ink.  Try using blotting paper and red ink to give the effect of bleeding blood running between the Gothic letters.

Calligraphy Fonts

There are many types of calligraphy fonts that you can use.  The traditional old style or Gothic style calligraphy is usually the style that people use.  An idea could be using a broad nibbed calligraphy pen and write, using the Gothic style, and then draw some very faint spiders webs between the letters, or you can draw some simple outline of black bats flying in the background with a full moon and clouds nearby.

Experiment with different calligraphy styles to suit your theme, and keeping it simple is the best way. The ideas are endless.

Halloween Calligraphy for Cards and Stationery

You can buy lots of colored card and paper with different textures for effects in most good art and craft stores.  Buy some black, thin card and draw some simple spooky shapes.  Cut them out and stick them on some white card.

Write some spooky messages using either Gothic fonts or Italic calligraphy styles on the white card.  It is fun to experiment with different ideas.


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