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Wedding Invitation

How to Write Wedding Invitations

A video clip demonstrating how to write invitations using a medium sized nib, deep red ink and a simple calligraphy style.

Wedding Invitations

Writing calligraphy handwriting for wedding invitations can be very easy and effective.  You only need to know how to write a couple of simple script styles to get the hang of writing neat calligraphy for any occasion   A project such as writing invitations is a great way to get an inexperienced calligrapher to learn how to write some basic calligraphy styles. 

Occasions can be formal such as a Ruby Wedding celebration or a Christening.  Writing, using a simple style, such as Foundation Hand or Italic styles are very effective but simple styles to learn.

When writing an invitation, you would normally use a small or medium sized nib.  Choose a style and nib size for the main text and in any colored ink.  Before writing in calligraphy, practice writing on rough paper first.

It is a good idea to draw very faint lines using a hard nibbed pen and ruler.  Make sure that the lines are straight and true.  Use good quality layout paper or card that does not repel ink or that makes the ink bleed.  You can find out about different types of paper on this blog.

It is always a good idea not to write too big and avoid using a broad nibbed pen.  You can introduce some swirls and patterns for effect.

When writing out place cards, use good quality card.  You can use different colored card if required.  

Simple Place Names
Producing Wedding Invitations On A Budget

You can produce effective and professional looking invitations on a budget.  First of all, design a template of how you want your wedding invitation to look like.  Do a little research of how you want the wording to be.  Once you have done this, write your wording down and ensure that you check and double check for any spelling errors.  Also, don't forget to ensure you have the spelling of the names of the people you want to invite is correct.  It is very frustration and time consuming to find the errors after you have printed out the invites!  

Once you have checked the spelling and wording, start to design the layout of your invitation.  Look at which words you want to emphasise.  Make some rough pencil sketches of layout ideas.  Remember to leave spaces between the date, time and venue details.  At this stage, decide which calligraphy style you would like to use.  The most popular choices would normally be the Foundation Hand style. 

Printing Wedding Invitations

Once you are happy with the layout design and the wording, you can start to make a template.  Write the template carefully, taking your time over the lettering styles.  Stick with the layout of your choice and use a good quality white paper to write your template.  You can produce good quality wedding invitation cards by using a good quality color printer or color photocopier and card.   You can consult a printer but their prices vary greatly.

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