Thursday, 25 October 2012

Christmas Greetings and Thanksgiving Cards

Have you ever wanted to write your Christmas or Thanksgiving greeting cards in fancy, impressive calligraphy font styles?

Would you like to impress your family or friends with your new found skill?  

It is very easy to learn how to write your greeting cards in beautiful calligraphy writing if you know how.  All it takes is a little practice.

Greeting Cards

If you follow these simple step by step videos guides and pictures shown on this post, you will soon master the art of writing your cards in beautiful calligraphy, so your cards look that extra special for your loved ones.

As you can see, I have used all the letters of the alphabet as an example for you to follow.

Hints and Tips to writing Stunning Greeting Cards

I have used simple layout paper and some fine guidelines and a medium width nibbed calligraphy pen with blue ink.  You can buy a calligraphy pen from any good art and craft store and they are relatively inexpensive to buy.  You can also experiment with different pen nibs widths, ink colors and some simple pictures of festival themes such as drawing illustrations of a candle or a star, for example.

Practice at first using some rough paper and follow the examples of the videos for ideas, hints and tips.

Buying Greeting Cards

Remember that a lot of greeting cards have a shiny surface so this may cause smudging of the ink, or it may take a lot of time for the ink to dry on the surface.  It is a good idea to buy greeting or Christmas cards that are not smudge proof, or more absorbent and not too shiny, or paper that does not allow ink to bleed.  If you are stuck with a choice, it may be a better idea to buy the shinier sort of card and just to allow plenty of time for the ink to dry.  

Greeting Cards Hints and Tips

If you have brought greeting cards that have an inferior surface quality, you can buy good quality colored paper from a craft store, cut a square or rectangle to fit onto the greeting cards and write your Christmas greeting message on the paper, then stick your message using quick drying thin glue onto your greeting cards.  Use glue that does not glop or leave lumps and bumps on the paper when it dries.  You need a nice, smooth surface to write your greeting message on.  You can buy great looking gold or silver paper and different colored inks if you like, but make sure they are quick drying and do not cause the ink to bleed when you write your message.

A Simple Greeting Card

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