Monday, 28 May 2012

More About Foundation Hand

Foundation Hand style calligraphy is the most basic calligraphy style of all calligraphy styles and it is a great method to start you off when practising how to write calligraphy.  It is based on very basic letterforms, which are characterized by neat circular and vertical straight lines.  Foundation Hand is a very popular calligraphy style to learn for beginners.  It is easy to write and can quickly produce some pleasing results.

The foundation hand began on the 20th Century and quickly became popular in the Western world.

Good Penmanship

This style is very legible, bold and neat.  The calligraphy style is great because it is a very easy script to learn and it looks professional without too many fancy techniques to learn.

Neat Calligraphy and Colors

You can practice this style quickly and easily using the 2-pencil technique. This technique is very effective and you can introduce colors and other mediums too.

This style looks good and this will encourage you to learn other styles.

Core Skills of Foundation Hand

Foundation had encourages you to write steadily and neatly and to become familiar with the basic letterforms.  Try to be familiar with the thick and thin strokes of the letters with your calligraphy pen.  A good broad and flat structured pen is great for writing basic letters.  It is worth reminding yourself of the basics of calligraphy writing.  Keep the pen angle constant to about 30 to 45 degree angle, don’t push the nib as it will tear the paper and damage the nib. Ensure you write even and smooth curves and parallel straight lines for a pleasing effect.

To practice writing with a calligraphy pen, try to draw some basic lines and shapes such as vertical, diagonal or horizontal lines.  With vertical lines, start from the top and gently draw in a downward stroke but do not press too hard with the nib.  Keep the pen nib angle steady and constant.  When drawing curves, start from the top and draw in a steady, downward stroke.  Make sure the curve is not wobbly or misshaped.  

Left Hand Calligraphy

If you are left handed and find learning to write calligraphy a challenge, the Foundation Hand style is a great way to start.  Ensure you buy calligraphy pens specifically for left handed calligraphers.  You can buy them from many good art and craft shops.

Shown below: The Foundation Hand Alphabet illustrations, and a simple video displaying Foundation Hand styles

Foundation Hand Is Easy To Learn

View video about writing in Foundation Hand Styles

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