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Writing Lower Case Gothic Letters p - z

How To Write Lower Case Gothic Alphabet Fonts

If you would like to learn how to write Gothic fonts, you can follow the step-by-step video tutorials and guides shown below.  You can get more ideas from the YouTube video links on the right of this post.
The video tutorials show how to write Gothic calligraphy letters from the alphabet covering the letters from 'p' through to the letter 'z'

YouTube Video tutorial Showing How To Write Gothic Lower case letters from 'p' to 't'

YouTube Video tutorial Showing How To Write Gothic Lower case letters from 'u' to 'z'

Keep practising writing the calligraphy font styles until you are able to write them with confidence and ease.

Hints and Tips

You will need to ensure you sit comfortably with plenty of workspace and check you have the materials to hand:  A sloping desk for writing on or a desk easel or board to rest on.  Good quality paper that does not allow the ink to smudge or run, a broad nibbed calligraphy pen so you can produce dramatic Gothic letters, a ruler and a hard nibbed pencil to draw very faint guide lines on the paper. You will also need some clean, soft rags to wipe away excess ink from the pen nib.
The width of the calligraphy nib should be quite broad.  The broader the nib, the taller the letterforms should be
Remember to hold the nib of the pen at a 45-degree angle.  Draw the lines vertical and straight.  Experiment with thick and thin lines, using the calligraphy pen in different strokes for more effect. Write in controlled and small movements of the calligraphy pen.  A usual Gothic calligraphy proportion is usually 4 to 5 nib-width high when you measure the x height of the letters (this is the letters without the ascenders and descender).

More About Gothic Letters

Gothic letters, black letter or Old English is an old style of calligraphy that can be used in so many ways.  The style is quite impressive and can be used for short documents such as certificates, scrolls and many other special documents.  It can look quite dramatic and medieval-looking.  The Gothic alphabet looks impressive, very ornate but not so legible if taken to the extreme.  You can experiment with color and fancy swirls for more ornate effects.

Have fun experimenting and ensure you sit comfortably and use a steady hand when writing.  Take your time, relax and enjoy.

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