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Have you ever wanted to learn how to write in fancy calligraphy scripts and know the different styles? Would you like to master this ancient art of calligraphy, with its beautiful artistic  handwriting?  Within this blog are some simple step-by-step guides how to write in different styles, for example:

It may feel awkward and a little daunting to hold a calligraphy pen at first, but this is normal.   Don't be afraid to make mistakes, it is part of the learning process.  Your work may look a little amateurish at first but with time, and plenty of practice, your confidence will build and your work will improve.  This will spur you on and eventually, you will find that holding a calligraphy pen will feel second nature.

All it takes is plenty of practice, confidence building and following the step-by-step video guides to help you master the art of writing in calligraphy.  If you get stuck, simply pause the video or repeat a clip until you are happy with your progress.

What Does The Word Calligraphy Mean

The term Calligraphy means ‘beautiful handwriting’, and anyone can learn how to write calligraphy and know the different styles.

Mastering this ancient art of calligraphy, with its beautiful artistic handwriting is easily to achieve.

A Brief History Of Calligraphy

Handwriting or good penmanship comes from a Greek term ‘kalli’, which means beautiful and ‘graphia’ meaning writing. 

Thousands of years ago, before the invention of printing, the only way to produce texts was by hand on parchment paper using a quill.  Each book was written by hand using various method styles.

The Arabic scripts were the oldest forms of calligraphy dating back before Christ was born. 

Egyptian hieroglyphics developed around 3000 BC.  These symbols were painted inside tombs using brushes and paint.  It is believed that the Ancient Egyptians developed the first alphabet.

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The Book Of Kells is a famous and beautiful manuscript produced by monks in monasteries around the Medieval Times.  The book displays beautiful calligraphy in illuminating illustrations using colorful inks. 

The Book Of Kells was written in Latin and includes the Texts from the Gospels and some passages from the Bible.  The Book OF Kells shows extravagant and complex illustrations such as Celtic Knots and Christian symbols.

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